The world of online influencers

Through a chance of luck, or in a deliberate effort, people who gain a large following online are able to profit, market, and have an incredible impact on social media platforms

By Sara Cronin

The Witch’s Journey Out of the Broom Closet  

Practicing witchcraft in a world not so okay with witches.

By Miriah Auth

Hype or hysteria?

Is the internet the only hope to save sneaker releases?

By Anton D. Johnson II

the complicated lifestyle of commuting students

What it's like being a commuter student in Pittsburgh.

By Zoe Esperseth

a positive trend in body modifications

Tattoos and other body modifications are becoming increasingly popular, shattering old stigmas that have been around for decades.

By Dara Collins

Golden Souls

How local artists are changing the business of wearable art.

By Matthew Ryan Miramontes

The sudden and unexpected: Coronavirus

Point Park University students Learn to overcome adversity in the midst of a global pandemic.

By Joie Knouse

Musical frontiers

The next generation of Pittsburgh music is here.

By Matthew Ryan Miramontes


Pittsburgh band redefines burlesque, Yinzer style.

By Kelsey Muchnok

the benefits of a vegan lifestyle

Why Chose Vegan?

By Sarah Yobbi

Kurzawski’s Multi-Platform Role and the Changed Lives of his Athletes

How one coach changes the lives of his athletes.

By Kylie Owoc


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